We can supply your Substation Control Panel.

A custom Substation Control Panel for your Electrical Substation Protection and Control.

Systems Engineering has registered Professional Engineers experienced with the design, fabrication, programming, and testing of substation protection panels.  There are many panel shops who can build a panel given a detailed set of drawings even though they have no understanding of the application.  Our engineers can design your protection and control panel given a one-line diagram.  We can select components and create detailed design drawings to your specifications.

Our substation control panel design/fabrication experience includes:

  • One-line diagrams with relay selection.Substation Control Panels
  • Panel Mechanical and Front Views.
  • Three Line Layout and Design.
  • DC Control Elementaries.
  • SCADA and Sequence of Events interfacing.
  • PLC interfacing (Profibus, Modbus, Modbus Plus, Ethernet, ControlNet, DeviceNet, Allen Bradley, Siemens, Modicon, Omron, and GE Fanac)
  • Short circuit studies and relay coordination utilizing SKM Captor and Dapper Software.
  • We build control panels designed by other engineering firms or provide a turn-key solution to meet our customers needs.
  • We can also provide substation control panel with a UL label per special request.
  • Substation Control Panel designed per the USDA Substation Design Guide.

Substation Control PanelWe provide our standard design metal construction panels or we can fulfill your custom requirements. Our engineers are experienced with electro-mechanical relays as well as newer solid state models. Start-up assistance is available if required. We are a total Substation control panel solution.

Drawings are provided in hardcopy and electronic format (AutoCAD). We will employ a customer’s standard symbol set so that our drawings look and feel like your Substation Control Paneldrawings. This reduces the learning curve for linemen who must maintain these new installations.

Our control panels are provided with a fully function test by an engineer before they leave our facility. Point to point wiring test may detect a wiring error but a functional test demonstrates that the relay panel functions as designed before it arrives at the customer’s site.

Our protection panels are designed and built by people who know substations. The substation control panel is different from PLC controls or mere motor starters. Specialized knowledge is required to produce quality substation panels. Knowledge that we posses. For your future substation control panel needs please contact sales@systemsengr.com.