Three Phase Duplex Pump Control Panel – NEMA 12 (Indoors)


The Three Phase Duplex Pump Control Panel is available for motors up to 10HP for 208/240 volt systems and 25HP 460 volt systems.  Individual motor circuits are protected against overload and short circuits as required by the National Electric Code.   The Duplex Pump Control Panel can be also be used for Duplex Sewage Pump Control Panel and Duplex Grinder Pump Control Panel applications.  The controller works with either a 3 or 4 float system.


An Electrical Alternator is installed on the Duplex Pump Control Panel.  The functions will run one pump on one pump cycle and the other pump on the next pumping cycle.  Thereby the Duplex Pump Control Panel wears the pumps at the same rate.

Duplex Pump Control Panel Features Include:

  • HOA (Hand-Off-Auto) switch for each pump
  • Green pilot light for each pump indicates pump is running
  • On NEMA 1 (indoor located) panels a red pilot light and >85 decibel alarm indicates a high water condition
  • Motor short circuit and overload protection
  • Dry contacts for external alarm conditions to external monitoring system
  • Individual pump motor starters
  • Terminal strips for customer’s connections
  • 3 or 4 float level operation (connection drawing included for each)
  • Float switches are not included with the panel
  • No proprierity components are used allowing for field maintenance/repair

Duplex Pump Control Panel Sequence of Operation:

  1. When the fluid level rises above the “Stop” and “Lead” float levels, pump 1 will start and run until water level is below the “Stop” float level.  The pump 1 green pilot light will be on while the pump is  running.
  2. When fluid level rises above the “Lead” float level on the next cycle, there Duplex Pump Control Panel will start pump 2.  It will run with it’s green pilot light on until fluid level is below the “Stop” float level.  The next cycle will alternate back to pump 1 and continue alternating each cycle of rising and falling fluid level.
  3. If the fluid level continues to rise after the first pump has been energized, the ‘Lag’ float will close. When the ‘Lag’ float has closed the second pump will energize. Both pumps will remain operational until fluid level is below the “Stop” float.
  4. If fluid level rises above the “Alarm” float level, a flashing red light will come on with an audible alarm.  A dry contact for use by an external monitoring system will also close.  In a 4 float system the “Alarm” float is a separate float.  In a 3 float system the input for the “Alarm” float is connected to the “Lag” float input.

Alternate names for the Control Panel are:

  • Sewage Pump Control Panels
  • Duplex Sump Pump Controller
  • Duplex Motor Control Panel
  • Two Pump Control Panels
  • Sump Pump Control Panels

The following table list the typical full load amps of motors.  Always consult the FLA’s from the nameplate of your motor before placing an order.

Horsepower vs FLA’s Table
Motor horsepowerFull load amps 230 VACFull load amps 460 VAC

All electrical systems must be installed by a qualified electrician and according to the National Electrical Code (see section 430-71 through 430-113, plus any others that apply.)

The Duplex Pump Control Schematic is available here.  The Duplex Pump Control Panel is available for shipment 10-14 days upon receipt of order.


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